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Mark Malkiewicz

Beverage Specialist

Chef Mark is an accomplished graduate of Johnson and Wales University in Miami, FL, where he received an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management with a minor in Beverage Management.


He’s since developed a passion for beer, wine and spirits; aspiring to change the way people view alcoholic beverages. “I want to encourage people to experiment with their pallet in ways that they never have before, to hopefully open up their world to new and amazing flavors.”


Chef Mark loves seeing people come together over something everyone enjoys: Food and Drinks!


Build Your Own 
Mimosa Bar

Whether you're confident behind the bar or not, your guests will absolutely love this do-it-yourself presentation of the classic Mimosa. 

Chef Mark Menus
Summer Cocktails

Spirit Tasting 

A guided tasting and cocktail making class.

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